At StatueNYC.com, we are stewards of NYC's Waterways, its History and Heritage and The Many Nautical Wonders, Stories and True Roots as a Shipping Port. Surely The Statue of Liberty became a beacon of hope for immigrants around the world. NYC was a bustling capital and seaport that took in not only people but merchandise and goods from afar. The mighty shipping industry was an engine for the economy and its denizens and was the catalyst for the melting pot we all know and love today. NYC and through partnerships and private investments are going back to its roots and revitalizing its hundreds of miles of waterways and we are right at the forefront of this development for the sake of history, job creation and bringing more attention to NYCs Maritime strenghts and history.

Statue NYC's founders are constantly looking to improve and preserve our Citys shorelines and waterways, through innovation, thoughtful design and nautical ventures that will give the less fortunate New Yorkers a place to look out to the sea in a safe, clean and design-centric and educational platform, as well as through Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR- Mission to bring Green Space, Culture, Art, Music and More through all of our productions, Tour Cruises and Boat and Yacht Charter businesses. We hope you find common ground in our mission, just by purchasing a ticket, you are making a positive impact on NYCs Economy!

Tourists love New York, New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty

Quick and Convenient: We are The Alternative to the Amusement Park-esque Lines and Limits of the Rest At Statue NYC Cruise Tours, we identified the many problems encountered by the casual tourist experience of visiting the Statue of Liberty in this day and age. As 'Aquapreneurs', we continually evolve with the times, and technology to put ourselves in your shoes. The reality is a harsh one. Extremely long waits, the likes of a popular theme park roller coaster. The meandering lines from check in, to invasive security is likened to an Airline checkpoint. The waiting times can be in upwards of well over an hour, and for families with children and elders, this can be a physically and mentally taxing experience. Once landing, you are then on a clock to see what can be seen: The Pedestal of The Statue of Liberty, Gift Shops, and Street Cart Vendors peddling Pretzels for the price of Lobster. What no one tells you, is that you cannot ascend the Statue any longer. It's a shame, but this information is not imparted to the Thousands of Tourists that flock to this National Treasure and often turns what was supposed to be a fun day with the family into a grueling lesson in patience and enduarance. Time is also a factor, as you must catch the departing boats you came on, which, again, is another line for you and your loved ones to wait, and wait and wait...

Statue NYC has the cure to this: We check you and your family in quick and safely, the distance to the boats are short and you are off to the Statue of Liberty and the surrounding icons of NYC quickly! Our Captains chart their course to Idle at the best locations for various shots of the Statue of Liberty, whether you are a shutterbug looking for that perfect shot, or a family or couple looking for a Group Photo with Lady Liberty directly behind you, we have you covered! And last but not least, Children ride for Free with their families. It's our token of giving, as stewards of the NYC Waterways, Aquapreneurs, and Lovers of our city and its past, we want to share the experience of visiting the Statue of Liberty up close. Our Tours last 90 Minutes and you are free to explore the rest of Manhattan of Manhattan's Cultural Gems, locales and Neighborhoods, with plenty of cash and energy to spare!